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At WeLuv2Dance, we believe that children are the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. 


We don't want them to be afraid to express themselves respectfully during different transitions in their lives from transitioning to middle and high school, bullying, change of environments, self identification and understanding healthy friendships and so much more!

We will explore who we are through different creative methods of self -expression all while enjoying what we do and that is DANCE!

Check out our Weekend! We rocked it!

Latest News


Our 6-Week Program will be held;

WL2DClass 2023.jpg

Who are we


Founded by Amina Banton in 2022, WeLuv2Dance was established in order to provide children an environment in which they can reach their fullest potential; empowering children of all backgrounds.
We Luv 2 Dance started as a healing of  the inner child for myself. I have always danced as a child and still enjoy dancing this very day. It has taken me back to a place of when I was taught to journal- to release and write whatever came to me without thinking to much. To truly know who I was and who I am. I learned this now as a adult.
WeLuv2Dance makes sure all children remember who they are and want to be through Dance without being discouraged of being their true self.

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